Fire Prevention Statistics in the United States

Fire Prevention Statistics

According to the U.S. Fire Administration, the United States has been building fire prevention and awareness over the past decade to a point where the number of fires, deaths from fires, injuries from fires, and the dollars lost due to fires has been decreasing at rates up to 20% from 2006.

Trends across America leading to a more fire preventative culture
  2015 2006 Trend
Number of Fires 1,345,500 1,602,491 19.1%
Deaths resulting from Fires 3,280 3,378 3.0%
Injuries resulting from Fires 15,700 16,956 8.0%
$ lost from fires (Billions) $         14.3 $         17.2 20.4%

To a casual reader, a total of almost 1.5 million fires in the United States, well breaking this list down to where fires actually occur can help determine how we as a community can contribute to a reduction in the number of fires.

From this list the largest single source of fires comes from outdoor fires, contributing a total of 41% of reported fires.  

Causes of Residential Fires

Breaking this down into Residential Fires we see that the main cause of residential fires occurs from cooking!

Causes of Residential Fires 2016
Cooking 50.3%
Heating 9.6%
Unintentional, careless 6.6%
Electrical malfunction 6.5%
Open Flame 4.3%
Intentional 4.2%
Appliances 3.6%
Heat 3.3%
Exposure 2.9%
Smoking 2.1%
Equipment Malfunction 1.8%
Natural 1.7%
Undetermined 1.4%
Other equipment 1.2%
Playing with heat source 0.4%

Causes of Nonresidential Fires

Causes of Nonresidential Fires in 2016
Cooking 29.9%
Unintentional, careless 11.0%
Intentional 9.3%
Electrical malfunction 7.4%
Heating 7.4%
Open Flame 5.9%
Other heat 5.1%
Equipment 4.7%
Exposure 4.4%
Appliances 3.8%
Natural 3.6%
Equipment malfunction 3.4%
Smoking 2.2%
Undetermined 1.6%
Playing with heat source 0.3%

Causes of Outdoor Fires

Causes of Outdoor Fires
Unintentional 43.1%
Undetermined 25.9%
Intentional 17.1%
Under Investigation 4.8%
Act of nature 4.7%

Causes of Vehicle Fires

Causes of Vehicle Fires
Unintentional 38.5%
Undetermined 22.8%
Equipment Failure 20.9%
Under Investigation 10.0%
Intentional 4.8%
Other 2.9%