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Monday, July 14, 2014 

The Mason Dixon Fair along with the Delta-Cardiff Volunteer Fire Company would like to thank our communities that came out and supported us for the Mason Dixon Fair last week. We were fortunate and had some good weather with the exception of two nights. The organizers of the fair did an awesome job as usual in putting on a great fair this year bringing different communities together and it showed what people working together can do. There is a lot of hard work that goes into not only organizing it, but also setting up, running, and tearing it down. Thank you to those that have spent countless hours on the committee, preparing for and all the volunteers that run it. The people that are involved are all volunteers. To our communities that came out and supported us we would like to say THANK YOU for your support!!! Without our communities support, we could not be there to respond when you call. THANK YOU!!!



New Draft Site

Monday, June 30, 2014  Thanks to Whiteford VFC, Ronnie Barben, Steve Barben along with others and Jeff Griffith from Delta-Cardiff, and Jim Morris, Whiteford VFC and Delta-Cardiff VFC have a new draft site to use when we have a fire in the area. The location gives us a means to get water to Main Street or Dooley Road easier and be more efficient in delivering the water. The design and majority of the work was completed by Ronnie and was given the resources by the Whiteford VFC to complete. The draft site is capable of delivering 1,000 gallons of water per minute. This will be a huge asset to the Whiteford, Cardiff and Delta communities. Thank You to all involved for your hard work and dedication to see that the best resources are available for our communities.



Mason Dixon Dirt Drags

Saturday, June 21, 2014  Mason Dixon Dirt Drags will be tomorrow Saturday June 21st . Tech and Registration is from 11 am until noon. Practice starts at noon, Racing starts at 2:00 pm. Gates open at 10 am. Come out and watch the motorcycles and 4 wheelers drag racing side by side. Spend the day with the family watching some really good completion while supporting your local Volunteer Fire Company. Food will be sold by the Delta-Cardiff Vol. Fire Co. at the kitchen all day. Hope to see you there!!



Truck Pulls Tonight

Friday, June 20, 2014  Come out to the Mason Dixon Fairgrounds tonight, June 20th at 7 Pm to see the East Coast Pullers. See the trucks, tractors and semi's hook to the sled. Gates open at 4:30 Pm and it is $6.00 per person. Come early to get a good seat. Food will be sold by the Delta-Cardiff Vol. Fire Co. at the kitchen. This is always a good time, a packed crowd and guarenteed to be a GREAT show. Come out and bring the family for an entertaining night while supporting the local Fire Company. See You There!!



MVA w/ Entrapment

Wednesday, June 18, 2014 8:29 Pm Last night when Delta-Cardiff was alerted for an MVA at Lay Road and Broad Street, it began as any other MVA. Everybody knows what to do and its somewhat normal. When units arrived, the call changed from a ordinary MVA to a Rescue box, with MCI (Mass Casualty Incident due to the number of patients) in a matter of seconds. The box was upgraded through dispatch and everybodies focus changed in a heart beat. Mutual aid was requested to include second due Rescue 651 from Whiteford Volunteer Fire Company, and 2 additional BLS (Basic Life Support) units. The crews on scene went to work. The extrication part of the call was completed with great expertise and proffesionalism. The crews from Delta worked with determination and with the arrival of R651 with additional tools and fresh people it looked like something out of a Rescue Training Manual. The two companies worked as one with a succesful completion. The EMS side began triage of the patients and additional EMS units along with 3 Paramedics were requested along with 2 medi-vac's. EMS treated the patients according to their injuries and transported them to the facilities. The EMS sector ended up with 5 Paramedics, including personnel that weren't alerted but are neighboring company members and responded because they knew people were in need. The scene looked chaotic to by-standers but everyone performed their roles flawlessly. We ended up with 2 Rescue's, 1 Engine, 4 Ambulances, 5 Paramedics, and 1 helicopter along with 5 members of Delta's Fire Police taking care of shutting the roads down to keep all the responders safe from other traffic. I would like to thank all the responding members of Delta-Cardiff VFC, Whiteford VFC, Fawn Grove VFC for their help, along with Josh Miller (Station 55 Airville), Brittany Beader, Toni Logdahl (Medic 95). All the surrounding communities should be proud of their local Volunteer Fire Companies for the Proffesionalism, Caring, and Dertimination to respond when someone is in need. I am PROUD to say that I am a Chief Officer to this group of proffesionals! I can't say enough about how they stepped up when things changed so quickly, along with the high temeratures and humidity while wearing full turnout gear working intently, and all the companies working together like there are no territorial boundries. A JOB WELL DONE TO EVERYONE!! Thank You For Your Dedication To OUR Communities We SERVE!!!



East Coast Truck Pulls

Friday, June 13, 2014  The East Coast Pullers Truck pulls scheduled for tonight, June 13, 2014 at the Mason Dixon Fairgrounds has been cancelled due to ground conditions from the weather. The event is rescheduled for next Friday, June 20, 2014. Gates will open at 4:30 Pm, Pulling starts at 7:00 Pm. Food will be available by the Delta-Cardiff VFC at the kitchen. Admittance will be $6.00 per person. Come out next friday night and support your local fire company!



Bi-Annual Peach Bottom Exercise

Tuesday, April 8, 2014  The bi-annual Peach Bottom Atomic Power Plant exercise will be held today in Southern York County, Harford and Cecil Counties. The exercise is required by FEMA evaluate emergency preparedness within the region should an unanticipated event occur at the power plant. The Delta-Cardiff Vol. Fire Co. will be staffed this afternoon and evening during the exercise and will also have Command Staff representatives on site for both Delta Borough and Peach Bottom Township command centers. Remember, this is a drill so any activity you may see or hear is a planned activity.



Delte-Cardiff now on Twitter

Monday, February 24, 2014  You can now follow the Delta-Cardiff Volunteer Fire Company on Twitter. We will be posting events and some of what we are doing on a day to day bases so you can stay informed of what your Volunteer Fire Company is doing. A lot goes on behind the scenes when we are not handeling calls. Look for us at @DeltaCardiffVFC



2014 Company Elected Officers

Thursday, December 12, 2013  The Delta-Cardiff Volunteer Fire Company held the annual Election of Officers for 2014 on Thursday, 12-12-13. The Following are the 2014 Administrative and Line Officers. Congratulations to all!!

President: Jeff Griffith

Vice President: Dennis Emmel

Secretary: Sandra Kennedy

Assistant Secretary: Maxine Moul

Treasurer: Joyce Smith

Chairman of the Board: Richard Fantom

2 Year Board of Directors: Greg Fantom & Jeff Petty

EMS Secretary: Tina Carrier

Fire Chief: Joe Strickler

1st Assistant Fire Chief: Jeff Petty

2nd Assistant Fire Chief: Jeff Griffith

Fire Captain: George Schruefer

Fire Lieutenant: Daniel Blake

EMS Captain: John (Doc) Dooley

EMS Lieutenant 57-1: Chad Keesee

EMS Lieutenant 57-2: Tina Carrier

Fire Police Captain: Dennis Emmel

Fire Police Lieutenant 57-1: Greg Fantom

Fire Police Lieutenant 57-2: Mike Turner



Delta Pizza 2 Alarm Fire

Wednesday, October 30, 2013 0114 hrs. Delta-Cardiff Volunteer Fire Company was alerted for a structure fire at 533 Main Street Delta. The dispatch advised smoke and flames visible. Upon response to the station, several members passed the location and observed the working fire. EMS Lt. C. Keesee contacted York Dispatch by radio and advised of the working fire and requested a Second Alarm at that time. Engine 57-4, Lt. Howard called responding and at location at 0117 hrs. On arrival crews had fire through the roof of the rear of the building and heavy black smoke from the front of the building. The fire quickly progressed and in a short time the rear half of the building was well involved. Assistant Chief Petty assumed command of the incident and Lt. Howard assumed Operations. Crews attempted an interior attack however due to the heavy fire and the building deteriorating; crews evacuated the building and went to defensive operations, using aerial master streams from Whiteford VFC Truck 631, Quarryville VFC Truck 57 and Goodwill VFC Truck 19. During the master stream operations, the building roof collapsed and the second floor also partially collapsed causing any interior operation, overhaul operations impossible. The fire was brought under control at approximately 0500 hrs. Crews remained on the scene putting out hot spots until approximately 0800 hrs. The fire was contained to the fire building and no exposures were damaged.

Responding Companies:

York County: 57 Delta-Cardiff, 55 Airville, 56 Fawn Grove, 54 Eureka, 19 Goodwill

Harford County: 6 Whiteford, 9 Darlington, 7 Jarrettsville, 10 Norrisville, 3 Bel Air, 1 Level

Lancaster County: 57 Quarryville

Numerous York and Harford County Companies transferred to stand by and cover for those companies on the scene.



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