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Bi-Annual Peach Bottom Exercise

Tuesday, April 8, 2014  The bi-annual Peach Bottom Atomic Power Plant exercise will be held today in Southern York County, Harford and Cecil Counties. The exercise is required by FEMA evaluate emergency preparedness within the region should an unanticipated event occur at the power plant. The Delta-Cardiff Vol. Fire Co. will be staffed this afternoon and evening during the exercise and will also have Command Staff representatives on site for both Delta Borough and Peach Bottom Township command centers. Remember, this is a drill so any activity you may see or hear is a planned activity.



Delte-Cardiff now on Twitter

Monday, February 24, 2014  You can now follow the Delta-Cardiff Volunteer Fire Company on Twitter. We will be posting events and some of what we are doing on a day to day bases so you can stay informed of what your Volunteer Fire Company is doing. A lot goes on behind the scenes when we are not handeling calls. Look for us at @DeltaCardiffVFC



2014 Company Elected Officers

Thursday, December 12, 2013  The Delta-Cardiff Volunteer Fire Company held the annual Election of Officers for 2014 on Thursday, 12-12-13. The Following are the 2014 Administrative and Line Officers. Congratulations to all!!

President: Jeff Griffith

Vice President: Dennis Emmel

Secretary: Sandra Kennedy

Assistant Secretary: Maxine Moul

Treasurer: Joyce Smith

Chairman of the Board: Richard Fantom

2 Year Board of Directors: Greg Fantom & Jeff Petty

EMS Secretary: Tina Carrier

Fire Chief: Joe Strickler

1st Assistant Fire Chief: Jeff Petty

2nd Assistant Fire Chief: Jeff Griffith

Fire Captain: George Schruefer

Fire Lieutenant: Daniel Blake

EMS Captain: John (Doc) Dooley

EMS Lieutenant 57-1: Chad Keesee

EMS Lieutenant 57-2: Tina Carrier

Fire Police Captain: Dennis Emmel

Fire Police Lieutenant 57-1: Greg Fantom

Fire Police Lieutenant 57-2: Mike Turner



Delta Pizza 2 Alarm Fire

Wednesday, October 30, 2013 0114 hrs. Delta-Cardiff Volunteer Fire Company was alerted for a structure fire at 533 Main Street Delta. The dispatch advised smoke and flames visible. Upon response to the station, several members passed the location and observed the working fire. EMS Lt. C. Keesee contacted York Dispatch by radio and advised of the working fire and requested a Second Alarm at that time. Engine 57-4, Lt. Howard called responding and at location at 0117 hrs. On arrival crews had fire through the roof of the rear of the building and heavy black smoke from the front of the building. The fire quickly progressed and in a short time the rear half of the building was well involved. Assistant Chief Petty assumed command of the incident and Lt. Howard assumed Operations. Crews attempted an interior attack however due to the heavy fire and the building deteriorating; crews evacuated the building and went to defensive operations, using aerial master streams from Whiteford VFC Truck 631, Quarryville VFC Truck 57 and Goodwill VFC Truck 19. During the master stream operations, the building roof collapsed and the second floor also partially collapsed causing any interior operation, overhaul operations impossible. The fire was brought under control at approximately 0500 hrs. Crews remained on the scene putting out hot spots until approximately 0800 hrs. The fire was contained to the fire building and no exposures were damaged.

Responding Companies:

York County: 57 Delta-Cardiff, 55 Airville, 56 Fawn Grove, 54 Eureka, 19 Goodwill

Harford County: 6 Whiteford, 9 Darlington, 7 Jarrettsville, 10 Norrisville, 3 Bel Air, 1 Level

Lancaster County: 57 Quarryville

Numerous York and Harford County Companies transferred to stand by and cover for those companies on the scene.



Passing of John Russell Williams

Tuesday, October 29, 2013  It is with Deep Sadness that we announce the passing of Life Member, Past President and Past Chief John Russell Williams. John R. had been an active member with the Delta-Cardiff Volunteer Fire Company for well over 70 years. John is a Maryland State Firemen’s Association and Harford/Cecil Volunteer Firemen’s Association “Hall of Fame” member as well as he had received the Marberry Gates Award through the Maryland State Firemen’s Association. John R. had missed his first Md. State Firemen’s Convention this past year, the first time in 60 years due to his health. John R. was a huge part of Delta-Cardiff’s success over the many years that he was active with the many offices he held. John R. was truly an Icon when it came to the Volunteer Fire Service in both York and Harford Counties along with the Md. State Association. John R. was also a member of the Whiteford Volunteer Fire Company and had been for many years.Everyone across both Pennsylvania and Maryland fire services knew John R. He will truly be missed by so many.

Arrangements are as follows:

Viewing - Monday, November 4Th, 5pm-9pm

Services - Tuesday, November 5Th @ 11am

Held at Harkins Funeral Home, locate at 600 Main St. Delta, PA 17314

Interment - Slateville cemetery - 308 Slateville Rd. Delta, PA 17314

Please keep the Williams family in your thoughts and prayers.



2 Alarm Structure Fire

Sunday, May 19, 2013 1144 hrs. Station 57 was alerted for a Structure Fire in the 900 block of Paper Mill Road. Engine 57-3 (Asst. Chief Petty) called enroute at 1147 hrs. E57-3 was followed by Tanker 57 and Harford County Co. 6 Whiteford along with York Co. Station 55 and 56 and Harford Co. 9 Darlington. E57-3 arrived on location at 1153 hrs. with a working fire, Asst. Chief Petty called for the working fire dispatch and assumed command. The first engine crews made an aggressive attack on the fire. Co. 6 Whiteford E612 arrived and were given instructions to open the roof. Once the roof was opened to ventilate, the fire brecame accessible and was able to be knocked. Command called for additional engines due to the heat and humidity to assist with overhaul and salvage. Rehab was set up for the firefighters to insure their health and hydration. Command later requested the remainder of the second alarm assignment for those reasons. Lt. Howard (Operations) used all the crews that arrived on the scene to keep crews rotated. E57-3 was the last apparatus to clear the scene at 1513 hrs. 

Thank you to all the 11 companies From York, Harford, and Lancaster Counties that assisted. The assisting companies are as follows: York County- Station 55 Airville, Station 56 Fawn Grove, Station 39 New Bridgeville, Station 54 Eureka. Lancaster County Station 58 Rawlinsville. Harford County Co. 6 Whiteford, Co. 9 Darlington, Co. 7 Jarrettsville, Co. 10 Norrisville. and Co. 3 Bel Air.

Also thank you to all the station fill in crews that responded to various stations for fill ins.

Station 57 Equipment:

Engine 57-3   FADO: R, Fantom, Boss: Asst. Chief Petty, Crew; Lt. Howard, FF Daniel Blake, FF S. Nelson, FF E. Schruefer, FF T. Testerman, FF L. Martin

Tanker 57   FADO: J. Griffith, Boss: B. Griffith Jr.

Brush 57   FADO: S. Barben, Boss: T. Carrier

MICU 57-1  Driver: EMT Dan Blake   Aide: EMT K. Brown



Motor Vehicle Crash

Tuesday, April 9, 2013 2017 hrs. Station 57 was alerted for a motor vehicle crash, vehicle overturned on Delta Road in the area of Bryansville Road. E57-4 (Asst. Chief Gray) and MICU 57-2 called responding from training at Whiteford VFC. Chief 57 (Strickler) called responding along with Rescue 57. The crash was located on Delta Rd., just south of Forge Bridge. Units found a single vehicle on its side over the guardrail. Crews from E57-4 & R57 worked to stabalize the vehicle to remove the operator, who received minor injuries in the crash. The victim refused treatment from the MICU crew.

Equipment Responding:

Engine 57-4; FADO: J. Petty, Boss: Asst. Chief Gray, Crew: Lt. S. Howard, FF T. Carrier, FF S. Nelson, Cadet B. Flahart

R57: FADO: R. Fantom, Boss: J. Griffith, Crew: FF Jr. Griffith, FF L. Schruefer, FF C. Keessee

MICU 57-2: Driver: Daniel Blake, Aid: J. (Doc) Dooley, 3rd: Cadet S. Carrier

Fire Police: FP Cpt. C. Moore, FP Lt. G. Fantom, FP Lt. D. Emmel



HazMat Refresher with Whiteford VFC

Tuesday, April 9, 2013  Station 57 was invited to take part in training with Whiteford VFC. Station 57 members accepted the invitation and took part in a Haz Mat refresher and Foam training class. Members received the mandatory Haz Mat update and also had a foam class where Juniors and Cadets learned about flowing foam. The class was however interupted by a Station 57 call. We would like to thank the Whiteford VFC. for the training and are planning on many more training sessions with them, both at Whiteford and at Delta Cardiff.

Members present:

Asst. Chief J. Petty, Asst. Chief T. Gray Jr., Lt. S. Howard, FF T. Carrier, FF S. Nelson, FF D. Blake, EMS Capt. J. (Doc) Dooley, Cadet S. Carrier, Cadet B. Flahart, Junior M. Carrier



Mutual Aid Brush Fire Box 9-24

Sunday, April 7, 2013 1651 hrs. Station 57 was alerted for Brush and Tanker to respond on a Harford COunty Co. 9 Darlington brush fire on their Box 9-24, in the 1300 Block of Macton Road. Brush 57 (G. Fantom) called responding followed by Tanker 57 (T. Carrier). Units operated on the scene for approximately 1 1/2 hours to assit in extinguishing the fire and to fill the brush trucks with the Tanker.

Brush 57: FADO: Danile Blake, Boss: FF. G. Fantom

Tanker 57: FADO: G. Schruefer, Boss: FF T. Carrier



Barn Fire

Wednesday, April 3, 2013 1512 hrs. Station 57 was alerted for a Barn fire in the area of Orchard Road and Krick Road. At 1515 hrs. Engine 57-3 (Lt. Howard) called responding followed shortly by Tanker 57. Chief 57-2 (Gray) called responding also. While responding, York Dispatch advised that they had received several calls. E 57-3 could see smoke from a distant, and upon arrival found a 50 by 75 ft. barn, fully involved. E 57-3 laid a supply down the driveway and Lt. Howard requested Whiteford Truck 631 down the driveway behind E 57-3. E 57-3 immediately began Master Stream operations to try to slow the intense fire until additional hand lines and the Truck could be deployed. Chief 57-2 (Gray) arrived and established command and Lt. Howard assumed operations of the incident. A draft site was set up by Whiteford E612 at a pond across from the location and a 4 in. supply line was laid up the roadway to Tanker 57 at the end of the driveway. A second draft site was established by Fawn Grove E56-1 at the Calpine Energy Plant pond on Atom Road. Ladder Pipe operations along with multiple hand lines extinguished the fire with the assistance of a track hoe, and several farm tractors. The equipment was used to pull the hay and corn fotter round bales from the barn and spread it out in the salvage and overhaul operation. The Delta Cardiff VFC would like to thank all the crews from all the Mutual Aid companies that responded to assist for all their hard work.
Mutual Aid companies responding: Whiteford VFC, Darlington VFC, Fawn Grove VFC, Airville VFC, Rawlinsville VFC., Bel Air VFC. Also covering Station 57 was Jarrettsville VFC.
Thank You to Tammy Hutchins, Airville VFC. and Greg Fantom for the great photos.
 Thank You to Delta Pizza for making alot of Pizza's so quick so everyone had food.
Station 57 Staffing:
Engine 57-3: FADO: Petty, Boss: Lt. Howard, Crew: FF T. Carrier, FF Jr. Griffith, FF E. Schruefer, Cadet S. Carrier
Tanker 57: FADO J. Griffith
Engine 57-4: FADO: G. Schruefer, Boss: FF L. Schruefer, FF Martin
Engine 57-2: FADO: J (Fuzzy) Williams, Boss: FF Miller
Brush 57: FADO: R. Fantom
Service 57: FADO: D. Blake, Boss: Junior M. Carrier
Chief 57-2: T. Gray Jr.
Fire Police: FP Lt. D. Emmel, FP J. Judka, FP M. Wooten



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